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Protecting a witness targeted for a mob hit is the job of a U.S. Marshal; getting distracted by the subject’s landlady is not. But distracted is exactly what Mal Kwarles gets by the honey-blonde single mother of four.

Muggers and heroes beware. If you sneak up on Grace Witoczynski, she will knock you to your knees with keys locked between her fingers. She has a family to support, kids to raise. She doesn’t have time for complications, but she might not mind a little assistance from good male role models—especially one who lights fires of longing in her.

When a potential killer stalks Grace’s family baseball games, Mal knows he must protect Grace and her family, right down to taking on the mob, even if it means sacrificing his life…

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WATER FROM THE MOON (A Brannigan Sisters Novel) (More)

  • Reviews: “Will give a lift to your day and steam up your nights…” Romantic Times
  • Awards: RWA Golden Heart Award Winner

Cameron Smith, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, was not the kind of businessman who personally dealt with violently emerging third world countries, yet that’s where he found himself.

Acasia Jones, a hostage retrieval expert, had known Cameron since they were teenagers. Their friendship had been accidental and immediate and love quickly followed. But fate had steered them apart, and only now, 16 years later, did it force them back together in the midst of machine gun fire and a race for survival in the South American rainforest.

Would he understand her life choices and the terrifying experiences on which they were based? Would she allow him to bridge her protective barriers? Or would their love remain elusive… like WATER FROM THE MOON?

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WINTER BEACH (A Brannigan Sisters Novel) (More)

When Paolo Gianini’s ex-wife Laura asked for his help, he came. True love died hard.

An IRS criminal investigation and the suicide of her partner, her long-time friend, had driven Laura past her own abilities. She needed a specialist. She needed Paulo. But seeing him, all the reasons she’d loved him–the same reasons that she’d divorced him, rushed back, unbidden.

Paolo was determined to protect her. Laura was intent on clearing her name and finding the truth. Together, as they ran from a crime family seeking bank information hidden by her partner, they would rediscover their need for each other, and the danger repeating their mistakes by falling in love all over again.

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Colonel Helen Brannigan and Nat Crockett had each lost primary custody of their children to their exes, who, coincidentally, had married each other. Nat’s sudden, accidental blindness and Helen’s commitment to her country supposedly negated their ability to parent.

When tragedy stepped in, returning not only their own children, but two additional children that their exes had adopted, Helen and Nat found themselves thrown into a blended family. Would they be able to conquer their individual issues and protect their new family from a custody challenge? Would each member of this new family be able to rely on another to keep the kids together? Would Helen and Nat be able to resist the growing desire that would further complicate their lives? Five Kids, One Christmas…

Additionally, I developed the paranormal charitable collaboration, Bewitched, Bothered & BeVampyred.

Welcome to Brokenoggin Falls, where the housewives are not only desperate, they’re Witches! (And one of them might be a Harpy) The spells cast by moonlight frequently go awry…

100% of author royalties & a portion of publisher proceeds benefit the International Red Cross disaster relief efforts

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